Gruvi Alcohol Free Sour Weisse Review

Gruvi Weisse alcohol free beer

Gruvi says that this Weisse beer is the first alcohol-free sour beer. Like other Gruvi products, it has bright and attractive packaging, plenty of feel-good factor about ordering this in a bar or turning up at friends with a 6 pack.

We got the Gruvi Weisse as part of the Gruvi Sample Box, available here for $29.99 and includes 4 Gruvi IPA, 4 Gruvi Weisse, and 4 Gruvi prosecco, all alcohol-free.  As with the Gruvi IPA we had a small group review the drink, Richard (me) Cheryl, Nick, and Erin. All of us are either associated with NoLowNow or are in the drinks industry. None of us are associated with Gruvi.

Gruvi Weisse – Highlights from our tasting session

Erin:  Pours well with a good head, looks good in the glass.  Good feel to it when drinking, it has a lean style and tastes like I would expect it to.  It’s kinda sour. It doesn’t have the same great smell as the Gruvi IPA.

Nick:  It’s not my style, it’s like kombucha, I don’t really like sour beers

Erin:  It is mine, this is good. 

Cheryl: I’m not really getting the lemon though, it’s good but not overly lemony

Nick:  The aroma is yeasty and sour citrus.  The initial taste is more sour /bitter/grapefruit pith.  It’s pleasant and followed by something riper – apricot. The finish dies off.

Good to know:

Erin:  It has a really low-calorie count (29 calories per can)

Richard: The bright yellow packaging is clean and bright – you could take it to a friend’s

Alcohol content:   0.0% ABV

Price: $12.99 for a 6 pack

What the maker says:  A truly refreshing citrus beer, carefully brewed with fresh lemon peels that release limonene to help to elevate your mood and energy. Gruvi Weisse is aromatic, light and drinkable. It will truly awaken your taste buds with its lemony start and wheaty finish.

Gruvi IPA Review

Gruvi IPA

The first out of the gate was the Gruvi IPA. All of the Gruvi products are nicely packaged and their IPA is no exception. Attractive, bold, green cans, that give a feeling of high-quality production. There’s an immediate feel-good factor about the packaging, you’d be happy ordering this product in a bar as a no-alcohol beer option.

Here are some thoughts from the tasting:

Erin:  It smells really floral like an IPA should. It’s grapefruity, kinda bitter, in a good way. As a non-alcoholic beer, it’s kinda missing the malt background that a full IPA has but it’s a really good alcohol-free beer option. 

Richard:  It feels a little thin and doesn’t have much head but it’s highly drinkable, and the brand has a real feel-good factor to it. I would order that in a bar.

Nick:  Doesn’t taste bad at all (this is an extreme compliment from Nick) It looks thin and a bit cloudy. The flavor is good. I would definitely drink it over sparkling water. (again, this is a compliment)

Good to know:

Erin:  It has a good calorie count (60 calories per tin) and they use that front and center on the packaging.

Richard: Packaging is clean and bright – you could take it to a friend’s, price is pretty good too, $12.99 for the 6 pack

Alcohol content:   0% ABV

What the maker says:  Our most hop-packed and vivid beer. Packed with Humulene (naturally from hops) to enable relaxation and suppress hunger. Gruvi IPA is undeniably hoppy and wonderfully flavorful. It’s bitter, hoppy, and rich in flavor.