Gruvi Prosecco Review


Finally from the Gruvi Sampler Box is the gluten-free, sulfate-free and alcohol-free but definitely not taste-free Prosecco. Same review format as before, Richard (me) Cheryl, Nick and Erin all tried the prosecco. We’re all either associated with NoLowNow or are in the wine and drink industry. None of us are associated with Gruvi. Here are the notes from the tasting:

Erin:  Interesting aroma – smells candy-like, maybe its SweeTarts or maybe it’s Pixy Stix with a sharp finish.

Nick:  My favorite of the Gruvi drinks we’ve tried today. Not as sweet as some proseccos – it’s on the drier side/off-dry.

Cheryl:  There’s a nice whoosh when you open the bottle, satisfying noise, and feeling like a sparkling wine should be

Erin:  But the fizz hasn’t sustained itself, though that’s normal in a pop-top.

Cheryl:  I like it – it’s uplifting and I’d take it to a friend’s house to celebrate.

Good to know:

Erin:  Calorie count is good, 50 per bottle

Richard: It has quite a lot of sugar – 11g

Richard:  Price is reasonable, $12.99 for a 4 pack when you buy them separately from the Sampler Box

Alcohol content:   0.0% ABV – Alcohol free

What the maker says:

A floral and bubbly Prosecco, perfectly carbonated and lively to drink. Let the terpene Linalool help reduce your stress and anxiety.



Gruvi Prosecco Review
Look and Feel
All Good
Looks and tastes like full Prosecco
Feels good to open
Nice color and weight
Not So Much
A bit heavy on the sugar
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